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Dear Rose
Dear Rose,
                  These are just more words on paper, that I will probably end up reading to you over the phone at some point. Though you have heard me spout random shit for almost two years, please know that everything I am about to say is true and that I’m digging deep to find the right words…
That night with Dominik was crazy has hell. Part of me knew that our so called “relationship” wouldn’t last. I knew right away from the first time we started talking, that she wanted sex. That was okay with me, considering I was a player. We met up, hung out, and had sex. It was normal in my eyes, but at the same time, I started to feel something for her. Looking back, I now realize it wasn’t love, but maybe just a physical attraction.
When I heard your voicemail, it automatically made me want to step back from her, to let her have you. You sounded so hurt, and even though I had no idea who you were
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Loveyou by SavannahAnneNoyes Loveyou :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 1 0 Invictus by SavannahAnneNoyes Invictus :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 0 0 Me again by SavannahAnneNoyes Me again :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 0 0 Add me? by SavannahAnneNoyes Add me? :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 2 2 me by SavannahAnneNoyes me :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 1 0
My song (For The Broken-As You Leave)
My song
:iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 0 0
I flew away from my life tonight.
Let my mind take flight.
Complete control was given over.
I remember when you held me like i was a four leaf clover.
I didnt question you, or wonder why.
The look of relief glistened in my eyes.
Felt so For the first time.
When i laid my eyes on was love at first sight.
Your hazel eyes are slipping away..
And i cant do this by myself..
I cant go on pretending like this Isnt happening.
I havent heard your soothing three weeks.
You were right.
Im a loser.
Im weak
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I cant seem to find a way to numb the pain.
I cant cut..i promised my ex that i wouldnt..
I cant go back to drugs..cause I'd be a disgrace to my friends and family
All I do is hurt, and my grades fucking suck in school.
I try to focus..but i just cant. My mind just wonders off.
Cant get motivated..cant seem to breathe without feeling like its a mistake.
I laugh and act like i dont care about anything..
But then i go home and lay there for hours..just thinking.
My mothers a drug addict..heroin, meth, Coke..all that bs.
Father killed himself on feb 1st 2008.
My cousin died in a car wreck..
My friend died from a heart attack.
My ex gf left me...i gave her everything. My soul.
I guess im just not enough..for anyone
This anxiety is eternal
:iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 2 3
Promise me that everything will be okay.
My wounds are growing deeper,
as I take it day by day.
Can you hear the silence?
My scars are my only friend.
It seems like cutting is the latest trend.
But I hurt myself before it became popular.
Before everyone else thought it was cool.
It scars tell a story,
then I'm a history book.
:iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 2 1
me....again by SavannahAnneNoyes me....again :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 0 0 Image by SavannahAnneNoyes Image :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 0 0 Ugly me xD by SavannahAnneNoyes Ugly me xD :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 0 6 Bmth Sempiternal by SavannahAnneNoyes Bmth Sempiternal :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 2 0 Bmth by SavannahAnneNoyes Bmth :iconsavannahannenoyes:SavannahAnneNoyes 0 1


My Depression
Tighten the noose and load the gun,
Pop some pills and wait for the sun. 
Sharpen the knife and make a deep slash,
Slowly bleeding out, I see my life flash.
The time that I've wasted, the hours I've lost;
The suffering I've taken, and at what cost?
The hurt, the pain, the stabs and shots;
The cuts, the crying, only filling in the dots.
Writing my suicide notes and planning quietly,
No one ever noticed or even cared slightly.
Now I'm feeling that depressing urge again,
It's been sometime since I've seen Death, my friend.
These shackles that hold me and keep me bound,
Making loud, insane and tortuous sounds.
This life I've lived I've lived for far too long,
Death begins to sing his slow, melancholy song.
I've tried to live happy, smiling and strong;
But tonight I fear I may end it all.
As I walked down the halls, my head down;
People would trip me, call me names oh so foul.
Cutting a new cut every time I went home,
Cursing myself for it, feeling all alone.
When I told an adult it di
:iconthe-cut:The-Cut 1 3
Something stupid by deepkk Something stupid :icondeepkk:deepkk 2 0 stranger by deepkk stranger :icondeepkk:deepkk 5 6
I tried to cut again but the f*@!$&^ knife and razor blade is dull. I need to cut the these emotions out of me.
:iconanzonyd:AnzonyD 1 28
The Monster in the Mirror
It stares at me in the mirror
What i always despised
Everything I always hated
It's all there
Guilt, pain, perverted soul
Why does it look back at me?
Whats this monster that I've created?
It seems I created my own destroyer
The end of me stares at me
It holds my gaze without flinching
It stares at me with such disdain
It hates me for the hurt and the pain
I'm the scientist and creator
He's the product and offspring
My choices stare at me and scream
They rush for me to tear me to shreds
They'll try and turn back time
Maybe there's still hope
Maybe the monster will implode
I turn and run from it
The monster in the mirror.
:iconrobodude2829:robodude2829 3 0
Die a Thousand Times
No matter how hard you protect me
You can protect me from myself
No matter how much you shelter me
You can’t shelter me from my own eyes
No matter how much you try and save me
You can’t save me from my own life
But hold tight to me mother
Comfort me in my hard times
But please stand by me
Please try to understand my broken state
Please let me live my life
Please love me
I will stumble and fall
My heart will break a thousand times
My mind will torment me to the point of death
But I will stand again
I will take one faltering step after another
And I will slowly inch my way towards the finish line
I will drown under the weight of this world
But my lungs will breath the air again
And I will live again
Some fights I will fight on my own
Some choices I will screw up all by myself
Sometimes I will hate myself
But please always love me
Please be my rock
Please be my constant as I tumble head over heels in the current
In the end, I will survive
But for now I must die a thousand time
:iconrobodude2829:robodude2829 4 0
Killer Pains and Pain Killers
Just a girl in a world
That doesn't appreciate her
All alone, no home
It's no wonder all she does is roam
She found relief at around eighteen
Trying to cope with a world so mean
She said "Just once. Just to see"
"Who knows maybe? I might feel happy"
All alone in this big city
such a gorgeous woman
Eyes so pretty
Hair like gold
At med school she enrolled
Close to breaking mind aching
These pills she can't stop taking
Taunts degrading still making pain excruciating
She smiles for the world
...But she's only faking
Numbed by neurons in the brain
To reduce her social pain
All these feelings she contained
Lead to nights left blood stained
Nerves deadened by hydrocodone
Prescribed for her unbroken bone
By a man prone to condone deeds unknown
He understands, she's just lonesome
But blinded by her addiction
This man's love to her is fiction
Eyes permanently tinted red
She doesn't know she's long been dead
:iconultrastatik:ultrastatik 5 3
Old Lighthouse - Klein Curacao - Inside by ssabbath Old Lighthouse - Klein Curacao - Inside :iconssabbath:ssabbath 4 0 Caraphernelia by thnxforthevenom Caraphernelia :iconthnxforthevenom:thnxforthevenom 4 1 Sweden by IP-Photography Sweden :iconip-photography:IP-Photography 8 3 #ID. 2. by Matthew-Ray #ID. 2. :iconmatthew-ray:Matthew-Ray 2 0 War of roses by naked-in-the-rain War of roses :iconnaked-in-the-rain:naked-in-the-rain 369 33 slender man by Corpse-boy slender man :iconcorpse-boy:Corpse-boy 2,592 160 The Lone Wanderer. by WkdBen The Lone Wanderer. :iconwkdben:WkdBen 2 0 Jack by 1000-faces Jack :icon1000-faces:1000-faces 34 4




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